FireRTC: Call Spoofing

FireRTC is a tool that can be used to spoof any phone number, and dial out to the designated phone number.

Hidden Eye: A Modern Phishing Tool

An easy to use phishing tool that will allow you quickly build and create a phishing engagement in an attempt to capture credentials.

CEH Master, An Honest Review

This post is meant to be an honest review of the CEH Master, if you're unhappy with my review, I'm sorry.

Linux Privilege Escalation: Quick and Dirty

A quick and dirty Linux Privilege Escalation cheat sheet. I have utilized all of these privilege escalation techniques at least once.

The Ultimate OSCP Preparation Guide, 2020

An organized guide to highlight some of the smartest techniques and resources for your OSCP journey.

P1: Critical - Discovering and Foiling a Threat Actor

How Jackson and I managed to land a Critical Vulnerability Bounty - and through persistence, ensure that justice was served.