Various people have reached out over the years for collaborations. I’ve experimented with a lot of methodology for making money from basic services but the variable depreciation of providing services usually comes down to insane creator fees. For example, Twitch, TikTok, YouTube, Donations, Stripe, etc, take upwards of 10%-50% of a creators income. That’s why I created the $CENI project, to put power back in the hands of the creator - and not just myself.

If you’re interested in working with me, I’m willing to accept Central Infinite. Prices for services depend on the nature of the work, and custom services are available upon request. I do not teach/work for free, but feel free to ask as I may do so in a very limited case-by-case basis such as in instances of charity. I have many projects that I’m working on at any given time, so try to understand that I don’t have time to spend an excessive amount of time haggling.

Here are some of the services i’m willing to provide:

  • Social Media Growth or Consultation
  • Public Speaking
  • Short Classes (30 minutes or 1 hour)
  • Content Creation (TikTok, Twitter, Custom Videos)
  • Exam Preperation (CompTIA Security+, CEH, OSCP Basics)
  • Resume Review (I don’t write resumes from scratch anymore)
  • Bug bounty/Vulnerability Disclosure Program Development
  • Custom Services (Inquire)

I might be able to get you in touch with resources for services outside of my scope, so if services aren’t covered here, feel free to ask. As a baseline, I usually have the resources for the following:

  • Art Based Projects (by hand or digital)
  • Comic Book Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Website Building
  • OSINT or Investigative Work

I will not hack any accounts for you, regardless to whether or not it’s ‘your’ account.

If you’re interested in inquiring about purchasing services for $CENI, contact me.

Purchasing $CENI

If you do not have Metamask, it is recommended that you create a Metamask account. Linking Metamask to Roll’s wallet is the best way to trade $CENI with the lowest percentage of fees:

If we’ve agreed to a price, purchasing $CENI is simple. If you don’t want to use roll but you have an existing Metamask account, then simply import $CENI and utilize Uniswap to purchase:

Wallet Info

Want to donate $CENI? Need to pay for services?
TryRoll: @mrhacking
ETH Address: mrhacking.eth