John Jackson is a cybersecurity professional, application security engineer, author, hacking advocate, security researcher, bug bounty hunter, and the founder of the Hacking Group Sakura Samurai 桜の侍, a security research group dedicated to ethical research.

He is most known for multiple CVE and Enterprise Security Research contributions. Jackson currently resides in Denver, Colorado. He spends much of his time hacking, but also enjoys reading and writing – especially poetry.

Jackson has contributed to the threat and vulnerability space, disclosing several pieces of cyber vulnerability research and assisting in resolution for the greater good. He continues to work on several projects and collaborates with other researchers to identify major cyber vulnerabilities. John is a champion for the Information Security Research space and believes that there should be better protection in place for hackers.

In 2020, he was invited to join Hacking is NOT a crime, an organization centered on rights for hackers to conduct ethical research without fear of retaliation. Jackson currently serves as an “Advocate” and assists in helping the public understand the difference between hackers and threat actors.