John Jackson is currently an Application Security Engineer for Shutterstock, part time Penetration Tester for 1337 Inc, Pending Author with Wiley, Hacking is Not a Crime Advocate, Security Researcher and Bug Bounty Hunter.

John is from Hightstown, New Jersey. Outside of work, he likes to build, create, and destroy. John spends a lot of time Hacking, but aside from hacking, he dabbles with his Guitar and Ocarina, and occasionally piano. John also enjoys writing, especially poetry, and reads when he gets the chance to. He has been called a Gentleman Farmer and maintains a Backyard Chicken farm for fun, in addition to his many other hobbies and projects.

John leads a hacking group named “rm rf .*” which he co-founded with Danielle Mcgillis. He eventually hopes to expand and provide scholarship opportunities for individuals that are looking to shift into a Cybersecurity position. Recently, John and Danielle coordinated a logo redesign, and they continue to facilitate group participation in hacking competitions.

Military Experience
At the age of 17, John went into the United States Marine Corps, and upon graduation of Bootcamp (Parris Island, South Carolina), attended Marine Combat Training (Camp Lejeune, North Carolina). Shortly after MCT, he attended Bulk Fuel Specialist School (Fort Lee, Virginia) and was the Class Honor Graduate.

After Bulk Fuel Specialist School, John was stationed in Okinawa, Japan for 3 and 1/2 years. He traveled and participated in various operations within multiple regions of the Philippines & South Korea. Notably, John has participated in Strategic Wargames as a subject matter expert, and was the sole Bulk Fuel Specialist during Operation Ssangyong (Twin Dragons) in 2013.

John primarily spent his time serving in the following units:
Combat Logistics Battalion 4, Camp Foster, Okinawa Japan
Marine Wing Support Squadron 172, Camp Foster, Okinawa Japan
Headquarters and Support Battalion, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Cybersecurity Experience
Upon completing his service in the United States Marine Corps, John moved to Denver, Colorado. John worked various odd-jobs, but his start within Cybersecurity was a result of going to school to obtain Technical Certifications. In three short months of attending Leaderquest, Denver, He achieved ITIL, A+, Sec+, CND and the CEH. John’s education didn’t stop there, he continued to pursue opportunities and also obtained the Certified Penetration Testing Engineer certification, offered by Mile2, the Certified Ethical Hacking - Master certification, offered by EC-Council, and the renowned OSCP Certification, offered by Offensive Security.

After earning certifications, John obtained an entry-level tech job contracting for the Department of Homeland Security with General Dynamics IT. He only spent one month at the Help Desk before moving into a new role.

John then took a new role as a contracted-generalized Cybersecurity Engineer III at Staples, however, after some change in direction - his specialization changed to Endpoint Detection and Response Engineer Tier III. After John’s contract was up, He took a position at Shutterstock as an Application Security Engineer and a part time position at 1337 Inc. as a Penetration Tester. He continues to work on various projects and security research.